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Increase Your Home’s ROI

Increase Your Home’s ROI

Are you thinking of selling your home? Have you been watching all the stories where home sales are getting thousands of dollars over asking price, and wondering if you should cash in? Pretty sure it has crossed all our minds at this point! Maybe you are still concerned that your outdated bathroom or quirky kitchen tile will turn off interested buyers…so is it really worth it to invest money to fix those things? 

We’re here to help provide some tips that might help you make that decision, and for cheaper than you might think! 

For instance, as you search our website for your future dream home or drive through different neighborhoods, what is the main thing that makes you want to know more about a house? Answer: what the outside of a house looks like, that first impression you get as you drive by, the instant gut reaction you get about a house. In simple terms, a home’s curb appeal! 

So, if you are thinking of selling your home, one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get a high return on investment is by increasing your home’s curb appeal. Go take a moment to look outside and see what you like about your own curb appeal, or maybe call up a friend to come give you some objective critiques. Check it out at different times of day too, because what may be welcoming in daylight could be more “halloween spooky” at night and you would never know. 

Some easy changes that you might want to consider are new border plants, some accent lighting throughout the yard, trimming overgrown vegetation, or even installing a new front or garage door. All of these are comparatively cheap to a full bathroom remodel or a new paint job, but will instantly improve a home’s curb appeal. 

Changes like a new front door or garage door are multi-benefit in that they also help increase a home’s security and offer better energy savings through improved insulation. The American Steel Institute also notes that steel doors provide the “best long-term value” because of their sturdiness and need for fewer repairs than other types of doors. Steel doors will also stand up better to natural disasters and are easier to clean.

In short, it is okay to leave that kitchen tile or outdated bathroom for the next owner to remodel. Plus, this gives potential buyers the opportunity to envision and make some upgrades that are unique to their own tastes—and not out of your own pocket! 

When you’re ready to list your home, give our office a call! Our knowledgable agents can help you get your home list-ready. 

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